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Mar 03

The Intersection of Legal and Marketing Strategies

When developing your marketing plan, there are more things to think about than just customers and sales. You must also consider the areas of law that can intersect with your marketing strategies.

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Feb 26

How to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Having a single website that enables you to connect with your audience from their desktops or laptops is no longer valid.

Today you also need a mobile website that allows you to connect with customers from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Fortunately for websites designed on WordPress, there are simple solutions.

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Feb 19

3 Ways to Test Market Your Product Promotions

Test marketing your product promotions is essential to maximize your sales potential. When you test different options, you’ll be able to select the one that can give you the best ROI.

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Feb 17

3 Things to Look for When Analyzing Your Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence is an integral part of a successful business strategy. It provides your company with information that you use to better understand your customers, products, industry and competitors. Plus, it gives you the data to make decisions to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

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Feb 10

7 Ways You Can Increase Sales with Video

Adding video to your marketing mix is one of the best strategies your company can make. That’s because your message is more effective in video, and demand for this type of media is increasing.

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Feb 05

How to Maximize Tradeshow Sales

Tradeshows are among the most conventional vehicles to market your products and services. Compared with other types of marketing, they can provide a higher return on investment. This is especially true with B2B marketing, according to a new study published in 2013.

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Feb 03

How to Grow Your B2B eCommerce Business

B2B eCommerce continues to grow strongly. If you are a supplier of products or services to other organizations, there is good news according to a study on B2B procurement by Acuity Group in May, 2013.

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Jan 31

How to Turn Controversy into Sales

Discover How One Controversial Super Bowl Advertisement Made Record Sales
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Jan 29

5 Steps to Develop a Viable Business Plan

U.S. Small Business AdminstrationNo matter what type of business you run, you need a business plan. A business plan is a description of your business and objectives and the strategies of how you expect to achieve your goals with a management team and financial resources. Contrary to belief, you don’t need a business plan just to obtain financing. You also need a plan to help you guide your company.

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Jan 27

How You Can Gain a Competitive Advantage with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be the difference between being an average-performing company and a superior-performing organization. Your company can gain a competitive advantage by using business intelligence to align your strategic objectives with line-of-business initiatives, according to a report by UBM Tech in 2008. These initiatives begin with customer and competitor intelligence.

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