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Jun 09

5 Ways to Use Whiteboard Animation in Your Marketing

Video is the most effective form of media to promote your product or services. This is especially true for illustrating how your product or service works and benefits your target audience.

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Jun 03

6 Video Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales

Video is perhaps the most engaging form of media. Moving images and audio add new dimensions to your message that does not exist in other forms of media. In addition, video elicits a greater emotional response from your audience than still images or print.

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May 26

Top 13 Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is still in its adoption stage, yet it is fast becoming an essential part of the promotion mix, especially for B2B companies. Not too long ago, a content marketing strategy may have been only a few published articles, white papers and case studies; now an effective strategy entails much more.

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May 19

Switch to Marketing Automation Now

Marketing automation is a server-based software tool that enables you to turn leads into customers, and it allows you to nurture customers into buying more of your products or services more often. It helps you fulfill these achievements through automated campaigns that involve email that you may integrate with postcards, letters, and text and voice messaging. In essence, marketing automation is a management technology that can take your marketing results to a much higher level while saving your organization manpower, time, and money.

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May 12

10 SMS Strategies to Boost Your Marketing Results

Short message service (SMS) – also called mobile text messaging – is a fairly new way to promote your business. In fact, SMS is perhaps the most effective way to get your message read by your audience, according to Forbes in 2014. SMS may also cost less per target and can achieve a 45% response rate, compared to other marketing strategies such as email that may get just 6%.

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Apr 28

10 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing is growing in importance as a strategy to develop and sustain your Web presence. The Content Marketing Institute reports 42% of B2B content marketers in North America consider this strategy as effective compared to 36% last year. Furthermore, 93% of companies today do some type of content marketing, with only 16% of marketers that say it is not effective.

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Apr 21

What to Include and Omit in Your Digital Media Kit

Public relations can be a very effective marketing strategy. With the right story, your company will enhance consumer awareness of your products and services. It can help you increase the number of visitors to your website. It can bring you many qualified leads that you would not otherwise find, and it can generate sales. Most of all, public relations can yield a higher return on investment than many other types of marketing.

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Apr 14

How to Create Competitive Advantage with PR

When it comes to marketing, the spotlight usually shines on advertising. Television, radio print and digital ads show off your product or service. They broadcast your slogan. They share your customer testimonials and they promote your sales.

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Mar 31

5 Things You Need to Grow a Local Presence

Developing a local web presence is essential for your business to sustain a competitive advantage in your community and surrounding areas.

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Mar 26

4 Strategies to Prospect for New Customers Online

If you have an online business, prospecting is not only essential for your growth, it is also vital for your survival. Prospecting helps you find customers. And with customers come sales to fuel your cash flow and profits.

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