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Mar 21

4 Ways to Keep Your Social Media Updates Fresh

When it comes to social media, one of the most common struggles for small businesses is keeping their updates fresh.

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Mar 03

The Intersection of Legal and Marketing Strategies

When developing your marketing plan, there are more things to think about than just customers and sales. You must also consider the areas of law that can intersect with your marketing strategies.

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Feb 26

How to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Having a single website that enables you to connect with your audience from their desktops or laptops is no longer valid.

Today you also need a mobile website that allows you to connect with customers from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Fortunately for websites designed on WordPress, there are simple solutions.

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Aug 05

3 Things to Learn about Guest Blogging

Maybe you’ve heard the term “guest blogging” before; maybe you have even written a guest blog. It is actually quite simple. If you are a start-up or a small to medium business, you have some experience behind you and are looking to expand your business or get the word out about what you do and the ways you can help other people or companies.

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May 08

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

Have you ever had the following questions: Pinterest or Tumblr? Facebook or LinkedIn? Which one is best for my business?

The options seem limitless.

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Apr 15

Getting the Most out of Your Small Business Blog

Get a blog! Blogs boost traffic. They’re indispensable. You’re criminally negligent if your business doesn’t have one. That’s what everyone says anyway.

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Mar 16

Want to Monetize Your Blog? Sell Stuff.

People often forget that the easiest way to make money—whether it's online or offline—is selling stuff. And I don't mean advertisements. I mean real stuff.

Many a blogger has contemplated selling an actual product online -but ultimately decided not to. Inventory, shipping, customer service, credit card processing... it sounds like such a nightmare.

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