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Mar 07

Targeting Employees of Specific Companies with Social Media

You likely have several pictures in mind of your ideal customers (especially if you’ve been diligent with your buyer personas). But are you taking advantage of an easy way to target these ideal prospects with your Facebook or LinkedIn posts?

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Nov 11

5 Ways Your Business Can Win with Instagram Stories

Are you getting the most out of Instagram Stories? Have you experienced the boost in numbers and engagement after posting your countdown offers, behind-the-scenes photos, and 10-second clips?

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Jun 02

5 Keys to Advertising Your Business Blog on Social Media

We start today with a quiz. How many of you have heard the following statements (in some shape or fashion) before?

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May 23

20 Great Advertising Ideas for Your Small Business

“Outbound (traditional) marketing is dead!!”

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May 03

Is It Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

We are living in an ever-increasing connected world: from Facetime and Skype to Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting, the options and ease of which to connect with others face-to-face is changing the landscape with how we communicate both personally and professionally.

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Mar 30

Why are People Unfollowing Your Small Business?

Brands are present on social media so they can interact with their fans and customers about various social issues, as well as their own products and services, and provide customer service in fun and exciting ways through various types of content.

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Mar 23

Maximizing Your Social Media Reach Through Hashtags

We've all seen the hashtags (#) on social media, whether it is Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or a few others. But there are two questions at the heart of every hashtag. Why do I use them, and how do I use them in a way that they will benefit my business?

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Feb 24

Is Facebook Still Right for Your Small Business?

When it comes to small businesses using Facebook, there needs to be an understanding: Facebook’s News Feed exists to make Facebook money. There used to be a time when being on Facebook meant your customers could see your updates, and engage with you simply because you were there. Today, reaching your customer on Facebook is a bit more complicated. Even in the off-chance they see your updates organically, they can choose to scroll right past them without so much as liking your status update, or thinking about its topic as relevant. Nate Elliot shares two options your small business can focus on to bring your audience to Facebook or to turn your focus away from the social network altogether.

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Feb 17

How Is Your Small Business Using Social Media For Customer Service?

According to a November 2014 survey published in January 2015 about consumer behaviors toward multi-channel customer service conducted by AYTM.com on behalf of M2Talk.com, social media is the least popular customer service tool used.

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Dec 22

Three Marketing Practices to Win Social Media In 2015

New Year’s is right around the corner and you’re probably wondering what you can do to help your business gain a better reach online and on social media. Well, we could write about all the accomplishments and improvements in social media, or updates to search engines that occurred this year, but it would take too long and you will only need a few tips to get the year started.

John Wieber writes for Business2Community and he lists five things you need to know to be better at social media in 2015. Here are three tips we think are the most beneficial to any small business or startup.

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