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Nov 04

Discover How Psychographics Can Speed Up Your Sales Growth

For many years, marketers have used demographics to gain insight into their target markets. Demographics have a rightful place in market research. Gender, age, income, education and other data provide useful information about customers. Demographics are characteristics of a group that you can observe from the outside. These characteristics can help you know who buys your product or service.

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Oct 30

How to Create a Memorable Slogan


“Think outside the ______.”

“15 minutes can save you ________.”

"You’re in good hands ________.”

“What happens in Vegas, __________.”

No doubt you’ve filled in the blanks. That’s because these slogans are embedded in your brain from years of seeing and hearing them. And with each slogan you have a picture of the brand in mind. After all, these are memorable slogans!

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Oct 23

Persuasive Versus Descriptive Website Copy


Your website is the first place your prospects go to learn more about your business. So what you say and how you say it can influence if they will buy from you. It all starts with your copy, the set of words on your website page. read more
Oct 14

Video Commercials Versus Video Sales Letters

The use of video in marketing has increased over the last fifteen years. Not only has it grown in popularity, it's also become one of the most effective types of marketing.

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Oct 07

5 Steps to a Ship-Shape Website

At the moment, I’m working on a beautiful 52-foot Chinese Junk. For those of you who aren’t boaters, it’s basically a long, thin, wooden yacht with a unique set of rigging that gives it its name. It’s moored at a marina in the middle of a huge, amazing city, and every day I get to interact with this majestic beauty and give it love (via scrubbing, cleaning, sanding, and painting).

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Sep 27

Get Great Online Reviews without Astroturfing

The New York Times reported a crackdown on companies that place false online reviews, as well as SEO companies that offer to place paid online reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and Citysearch.

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Jun 12

Use Social Media to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers look to businesses to provide quality products and services that deliver real solutions. Thus, it’s imperative as a business owner that you understand the expectations of your customers as well as adjust your products or services accordingly. Every business should have a special place in their niche and use that place to offer valuable information and resources as well as direction and guidance. Using social media is a simple yet effective way to improve your customers’ satisfaction. In this short article we expound on how use of social media can improve the satisfaction of your customers.

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May 29

How Social Media Relates to Your Business

Have you ever wondered if social media is a solid marketing effort for your business and whether or not the time and energy you likely spend building a social media presence is worthwhile?

If you have, this post is just for you.

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May 22

How to Write a Social Media Campaign

Undertaking the task of launching a social media campaign can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Social media has proven to be a key driving force in improving any company’s online reputation and presence.

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Apr 26

Cheap But Not Easy - Marketing Your Small Business on a Budget

Print and radio ads that cost a week or more of your salary.

TV ads that cost a month’s worth of your business’ entire revenue.

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