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Jan 31

How to Turn Controversy into Sales

Discover How One Controversial Super Bowl Advertisement Made Record Sales
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Jan 20

What Are the 5 Best Ways of Marketing in a B2B World?

A big challenge your company may have is to decide how to market your products and services to other organizations. Following what your competitors are doing can lead you down the wrong path. What matters most is not what is popular, but what will yield the best sales results.

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Jan 14

6 Steps to Develop a Winning Marketing Campaign

A winning marketing plan can help you meet or surpass your sales objectives. It can turn prospects who otherwise would not buy your products and services into loyal customers. There are six essential steps to develop a winning marketing campaign:

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Jan 08

Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing

There are two ways you can go about your marketing. You can passively attract customers to you, or you can aggressively pursue customers.

Inbound marketing enables your company to get attention from your audience organically without disrupting their activity. Outbound marketing gets your audience to pay attention to your products and services by disrupting their activity. Consider some of the advantages and differences between inbound and outbound marketing:

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Dec 16

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Internet marketers often use the terms SEO and SEM when discussing ways to develop web presence.

Both of these strategies can help you achieve your goal of attracting more visitors to your website. Yet, they are in fact different and distinct services.

To maximize your marketing ROI, it’s vital for you to apply both SEO and SEM strategies.

First, it will help to know the difference between SEO and SEM.

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Dec 02

What Day Trading Can Teach You about Spotting Marketing Trends

Spotting marketing trends can give your company a competitive advantage.

That’s because trends can show where opportunities are emerging and where possibilities are becoming more limited.

The timing of when you enter a market can affect how much money you can earn or lose. This is why learning a thing or two from day trading can help you become a smarter marketer.

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Nov 25

How You can Improve Your Profitability with Cognitive Fluency

“Cognitive fluency” is a measure of how easy it is to think about something. Psychologists say cognitive fluency shapes your beliefs, how you invest, and what you buy.

It also influences who and what you think is beautiful, such as faces that you find attractive. Cognitive fluency is “one of the hottest topics in psychology today,” writes Drake Bennett in The Boston Globe in 2010.

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Nov 18

6 Ways to Increase Your Email Response Rates


Email is a cost-effective way to communicate with your audience.
When it comes to selling your products and services, the higher your response rate the more sales you can make.
Here are six ways you can increase your email response rates. 

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Nov 11

How to Promote Your B2B Products and Services with Success Stories

Success stories are case studies that show how your products and/or services have helped your customers. Success stories are the second most effective form of B2B content marketing after in-person events, according to a B2B Content Marketing Report in 2013. In fact, two out of three marketers find them effective. They can be effective for you too.  

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Nov 06

How Podcasts Can Help You Skyrocket Your Sales

A podcast is recorded audio and/or video content that you make available through the Internet for your audience to listen to and/or watch at their convenience. You can either make the recording available by streaming or progressive download. The purpose of a podcast is to help you market your products and services.


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