Eric Wagner—Chief Executive Officer
While Eric now focuses on internet marketing, he also has a background in web development. He loves being among the first to find out about new tech—and better yet, being a part of making that tech succeed. Eric is known to be a good listener, seeking to understand how each individual sees the world. He is a harmonizer in group settings, cultivating unity while constructing the overall goal and strategy. When he’s not busy helping i7 clients dominate the online marketplace, Eric enjoys drone videography (he’s got a UAV pilot’s license), woodworking, community service and all things outdoors.
Brandy Hughes—Operations and Marketing Manager
Every day, Brandy holds the office walls together, using her operational magic to keep things running smoothly. She means business, and she inspires everyone else to mean it, too. Brandy is relentless about quality and operates as an adept and innovative problem solver with each project she leads. She is also a lifelong learner who finds it downright invigorating to keep up with the ever-changing worlds of marketing and management. Brandy is a native Oregonian who craves spontaneous adventures, travel, philosophy, art, and music. She is also a sleep-deprived mom of 3 (ages 13, 7, and 1) and in her spare time loves listening to podcasts and studying on TedEX or Periscope. She’s a humanitarian at heart, a die-hard Apple fan, TetrasBlitz master, and even enjoys a little Pokemon GO. Brandy has also been dubbed the office food taste-tester.

Alicia Sutton—Marketing Project Manager 
I spend my days managing, planning, strategizing, documenting and coordinating all marketing projects for clients. I work with them closely to meet their needs, goals and generate revenue. On a daily basis I get to work with professionals in their fields, magazine publishers, printers, graphic designers and writers constantly working to create new educational content, magazine advertisements, informative videos and engaging emails. I love the variety of tasks in my job--I’m never bored and it’s constantly changing! I love the autonomy and the people too, everyone is creative and loves what they do! It’s a fun and rewarding atmosphere and career!

I recently became a mother and don’t have “spare” time as I’m sure all parents can relate. It’s the most amazing time in my life! All time outside of work is spent cuddling, playing, learning and creating with my daughter and husband. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy several outdoor sports including wakeboarding and water skiing, riding ATV’s and horseback riding.

Wendy Cacka—Lead Web Developer
With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and many years experience in a wide range of website projects big and small, Wendy can craft the perfect online home that meets each client’s needs. As a lifelong resident of the Northwest, she loves adventure—whether that be a learning adventure (like setting up a hydroponic garden) or a physical adventure (deep-sea halibut fishing in Alaska), she’s game.
Dave Sharpe—Lead Content Strategist
Dave manages our content team. A copywriter and marketing consultant with 20 years experience, he’s worked with a wide variety of businesses and has seen it all. His personal library contains over 5,000 volumes—at least 2,000 more than his local county library. In addition to reading a lot, Dave plays guitar and spends as much time outdoors as possible.
Heidi Nelson—Marketing Coordinator and Brand Guardian
Heidi oversees the formulation and execution of ideas in the most innovative, artistic way possible. She storyboards and sets the landscape for defining key messaging points across the ideation process. Bottom line, she makes creativity happen. One of her greatly regarded assets is her ability to see things from clients’ perspective and hone in on that messaging like a wizard. She is also into bullet journaling with a bit of additional flair, a la Pinterest. Heidi also enjoys living in the Northwest and if she had spare time, she’d be gardening. But she loves the people she works with and serves as the go-getter any good team needs. She has also been labeled as the Emoji Queen.
Jered Baldwin—SEO Strategist
Jered spends his days in the world of search engine optimization. He focuses on creating quality content, optimizing content, reviewing and fixing errors on the website, tracking keywords, creating reports and staying current in the world of SEO. That fact that SEO and his job are always changing is what he loves most about his job. He's always learning and enjoys being a part of the team: "I enjoy being part of the bigger picture because SEO isn't just one person; it takes the whole team to work together." Outside of work, you can find Jered enjoying his favorite hobbies with his dog in the great outdoors: hiking, camping, mountain biking, cliff jumping, exploring caves, golf and disc golf, and snowboarding.
Kim Wagner—SEO Specialist
My job is an SEO Specialist and Website Strategist, my goal is to connect each individual with the exact information they need to answer their questions and make excellent choices that benefit their life. I love the research that comes with my job, and the ability to see a path forward that truly helps a site grow. In my spare time, you can find me reading or playing with my kids and pets.
Mitchell Harris—Graphic Designer
Mitchell is a gentle creative who enjoys the satisfaction of problem-solving with logical and lateral thinking. He spends much of his time shining up the social media space with his work on video editing and social post images, while also bringing other print and media design skills to the table. Mitchell loves learning new skills and pushing himself to find ways to improve his work for others. Away from work, he enjoys being a busy father of his 8-year-old son and carer for his wife. He originates from outback Australia where he is inspired by the wide-open spaces, but he now resides on the Sunshine Coast. He’s also an avid collector and player of mind challenging board games and computer games, and has a musical background from which he enjoys singing, playing the piano, and other musical endeavours.
Bob Dale—Marketing Coordinator
Bob enjoys working with writers and using his creative talents to develop content that helps others improve their lives, both on and off the job. His strengths in technical documentation, writing and quality assurance allows him to easily compile a variety of collateral into a newsletter package that makes the most sense for a client’s experience. Bob is also a lifelong outdoorsman who loves sharing the natural wonders of Oregon and California with his family and friends. Come the weekend, expect to find Bob exploring wild forests, rivers and mountains.
Larry Loffer—Customer Relations Specialist
Larry, our living, breathing knowledge database, provides answers and support for clients to steer them in the right direction. He also assists in quality assurance, making sure our clients are more than satisfied with their experiences. Larry is fueled by a daily dose of vitamin D, and you may find him literally sunbathing on the office picnic tables during his lunch break. He used to play tennis for Oregon State University and is a die-hard Ducks fan. He continues to play tournament tennis locally and also loves to travel—often sending us selfies and postcards to make the rest of the team jealous.
Tony Morgan—Customer Relations Specialist 
Tony makes sure our clients have the information they need and get their questions answered. He loves to stay challenged and enjoys the constant variety of his job, especially if he gets an opportunity to geek out with new gadgets. He also enjoys the nitty gritty of going through documentation and testing for websites and products alike. In his spare time, you’ll find him fishing on the Rogue River, hunting, reading, travelling, or doing recreational research on history and science. He also loves cats. A lot.
Amy Prindle—Content Strategist
Amy is tasked with creating whiz-bang copy for the content team. She has been writing since she was a wee young tot, though her subject matter has since matured from interviews with Barbie® and ad copy for lemonade stands. Armed with degrees in journalism and psychology, today she specializes in making sure the visions of our clients are best worded on screen or paper. In her spare time she enjoys board games, yoga, Jazzercise, crossword puzzles, and her two silly sons keep her laughing constantly.
Elisa Silverman—Content Strategist
The daughter of a newspaper columnist, Elisa grew up a ward of the grammar police. She's appreciated the power of words to inspire, motivate, and connect people ever since. Elisa has been a content writer for nearly eight years and has a professional background in law and technology. She's an avid enthusiast of the arts, soothing spas, and all of Chicago's sports teams.
Hannah Robinson—Content Strategist
Fresh out of college with a professional writing degree in one hand and a PR minor in the other, Hannah jumped straight into Content Marketing. Something you should know: Hannah is an extrovert. So the switch from a busy college student to a quiet life of working from home came as quite the shock. That is, until she became the Writing Team Supervisor. Now, to offset the solitary work of writing and strategy, she meets with members of her team almost daily. Hannah thoroughly enjoys working with this worldwide team. And she has taken it upon herself to help maintain an exciting and collaborative virtual workplace environment.

Even when she's not working, she has a hard time turning off her "marketing brain." So, that means critiquing commercials when she's watching TV with her husband. Or even applauding good billboards—which are hard to come by—on the interstate while driving to visit family. And when Hannah is completely disconnected from work, you'll find her either quietly reading a book surrounded by all her houseplants or out making memories with friends... which usually isn't quiet, being she's an extrovert and all.
Lauren McKinney—Content Strategist
Lauren is a long-time reader and lover of words and their ability to communicate knowledge, ideas, and story. She has an MA in English, but she has since moved away from the academy and now opts for the personality, collaboration, enjoyment, and flexibility of working for i7 Marketing. As a content strategist, Lauren spends her work hours researching, writing, and editing to put together engaging and educational content. Nearly 8+ years of writing, editing, educating, and critical thinking experience have made her totally game for a challenge both inside and outside of work. When she’s not writing content for i7, she loves basking in the SoCal sunshine with her dog and husband, drinking a glass of iced coffee, and reading a good book.

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