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Here’s how to create buyer personas the right way to make your marketing speak directly to the types of prospects that are already listening.

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You’ve got a great product, and you’re already marketing it to the public. But something tells you there’s more to it than just getting the word out to the general masses. How can you make sure your marketing message is hitting home with all the diverse segments of your target audience?

Utilizing buyer personas allows you to personalize your marketing to specific segments of your audience, removing the risk of over-generalizing your message to include each type of prospect.

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business covers:

  • How to gather the right kind of information to develop buyer personas.
  • How to apply your buyer personas to your existing leads.
  • How to develop negative buyer personas to weed out customer types that hinder productivity.
  • Special tips and tools HubSpot customers can access to manage personas.
  • Samples, exercises, and templates to get your buyer personas started.

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